Peace Assembly

On Friday our Casa teacher , Ms. Roxanne led us in a very important Peace Assembly.  The faculty and students could all relate to the topic of life after Hurricane Irma . The focus was on rebuilding , determination and teamwork.  It was a lovely Assembly filled with hope .  The students enthusiastically participated and the teachers and myself looked on with inspiration and joy in our hearts . 


Ms Roxanne gathering her team . 


Montessori, can we do it ? Montessori, yes we can ! 

A set up aftermath of Hurricane Irma. 

A set up aftermath of Hurricane Irma. 


Working together to clean up. 


Fixing our playhouse .  


Working together.

We can't forget our Ms. Betty .  Happy Birthday! 

We can't forget our Ms. Betty .  Happy Birthday! 


We love you ! 

Convoy of Hope

Today was a good day .  I took three of our Elementary students to town to give thanks for the delicious meals that the wonderful people of Convoy of Hope are providing our students.  Our students are thriving with the normalcy of school. Their daily delicious and healthy hot lunches make the days even better .   


Luca was so excited to share his beautiful picture and lovely words to be given to the people of Convoy of Hope .  


From our very wise Luca .  




Skyla , Savannah and Nilani saying thank you to the lovely Fiona .  


A rainy day blessing.  


Checking out the inside and the amazing crew .  


We are so grateful!  


Our Casa students enjoying their lunch by candlelight on a very rainy November day .  

Our Bright Lights

The teachers and I are inspired each and every day by the children's bright lights . 


Celebrating Rylees fifth trip around the sun.  


Elementary presentation time.  


Our sweet little ones and James .  


A lovely Sensorial lesson from our lovely Ms Roxanne .  


A new student getting to learn Maths with Montessori materials and loving it !

Re-opening after Hurricanes Irma and Maria

We were delighted to re-open the doors of Century House Montessori School on 9th October 2017 after interruption from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

CHMS is hosting a special intervention and outreach programme called Montessori H.O.P.E. (Helping Others, Providing Education).  This programme will continue to run for the duration of the term, our last day being 15th December 2017, after which we hope to resume our usual schedule. It is open to children aged 18 months to 12 years old.  In true Montessori spirit we have opened our classrooms to the wider community through this special initiative.  The programme description is as follows:

At CHMS we encourage children's natural inquisitiveness and creativity in a structured, safe environment to enable exploration and free thinking.  This approach instills a love of knowledge, producing innovative, confident, critical thinkers and problems solvers.  Children are experiencing a hands-on, fun, learning experience using Montessori materials.  Our primary focus is Language and Math as well as basic lessons in the cultural subjects.  They are also exploring Art, Music, Poetry, Sports, Baking and Gardening.

To instill a love of service our children are participating in community service activities through random acts of kindness as we all pull together and support others who are working so hard to rebuild our community. It is important to reassure our children and those around us that even in the light of the recent devastation to our islands their is HOPE.