Peace Assembly and Christmas

This past Friday Ms Richie leaded us in a beautiful and meaningful 'Peace Assembly '.  We are feeling especially grateful this school year and we were reninded of the importance of giving of ourselves and thinking of others .  The teachers and students were incredibly moved by this special assembly on the first day of December.  We are all very happy for our Hurricane season ending and the Christmas season's arrival . 


Listening intently to Ms Richie's reading of a beautiful poem on the power of giving to others. 


Exchanging our giving pebbles . 


Offering each other a meaningful gift. 


Handpainted by Ms Richie and Ms Natasha.


Our incredible Christmas tree that survived Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.


Getting our classroom ready for the season. 


Caribbean holidays! 


Decorations donated from a very kind family. 


More sweet decorations bringing happiness to our students, families and teachers .  


Bringing some Winter to the BVI .  

Lunch time chat about our wonderful morning.  

Lunch time chat about our wonderful morning.  

An extra special Thanksgiving

This years Thanksgiving celebration was very different than past years. We are missing many of our families and faculty members .  We are so grateful to have our beautiful school and to be able to rebuild what has been damaged due to Hurricane Irma . 

Our Thanksgiving was filled with many emotions but most of all , hope . We are all looking forward to families coming back to the island .  We know next years celebrations are going to be incredible! 


Elementary 's Thanksgiving tree .  


Casa decorations. 

it was so lovely to have Stormi join us .

it was so lovely to have Stormi join us .

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Getting our delicious lunch ready. 

Getting our delicious lunch ready. 


Ms. Roxanne getting her students ready to sing Z


Our crèche students happily listening.


What a picture!


Yummy!  Pumpkin pie .


We are getting very hungry.  


Feeling very grateful for all the delicious food contributed.  


Happy and thankful teachers .  

Celebrating Mother's Day

The students were very busy last week getting their Mother's Day presents ready . 

We had a wonderful peace assembly on Friday . Each class performed a song or poem dedicated to our lovely Moms .  


Our Crèche Mom's get to enjoy plants that were planted by their little ones .  

Our hands we used for planting. 

Our hands we used for planting. 

We are so proud of our cards! 

We are so proud of our cards! 

So excited to give Mom her card .  

So excited to give Mom her card .  

Upper Elementary made sewing jars for their Moms.  

Upper Elementary made sewing jars for their Moms.  

Bookmarks made with love .  

Bookmarks made with love .  


Getting ready for our performance.  

Nice and shady under the tree.  

Nice and shady under the tree.  

Happy Mother's Day !  

Happy Mother's Day !  

Sports Day

A great morning was had by all during our fun filled Sports Day .  We lucked out with the weather and managed to not get too hot in the BVI sun.  

Ms. Cloudia and Ms. Richie planned a wonderful , child centered event .  The students worked on their skills learned in PE and had a great time cheering each other on. 

This years theme was 'birds'.  We had the Flamingos, the Mockingbirds, the White tailed Doves and the Hummingbirds . The teachers were so creative with their chants , posters and badges. The students were so happy to cheer on their peers with the amazing pompoms made by their teachers .  

We were very lucky to have the Virgin Islands Archery Association put on a demonstration.  It was fun to watch the students and teachers participate. 

Thank you to all the parents that came out to volunteer at the different stations and to all that came out to support their children and cheer their team on .  

Getting ready to go ! 

Getting ready to go ! 

Sam and Josh ready to lead their team on!  


Let's go Flamingos ! 


Waiting for our beautiful sign to dry . 


Cheering their hearts out!  


Look at us! We can stand like Flamingos.  


Time for the Archery demonstration. 


Wow !!!! 


Go girls ! 


Good aim! 

Great job Ryan! 

Great job Ryan! 

Teachers turn .  

Teachers turn .  


Congratulations to our incredible football team!  


Ms. Cloudia announcing the winning teams .  Drum roll........ 


Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! Congratulations to the White tailed Doves.  


End of day activity .  Practicing for next year .  

Swimming Lessons

Our Elementary students have recently begun swimming lessons.  This is part of our P.E programme .  

The students head down to Prospect Reef Pool every Monday afternoon for lessons with Ms. Pip and Ms. Rebecca.  

The lessons are structured to teach the students, depending on each of their current abilities.  The students are very comfortable with this teaching style as it is similar to the Montessori way .  

They are learning different strokes as well as safety.  

The students are learning valuable skills and truly having fun doing so!