Our lovely Crèche

The school year has begun and we are feeling  grateful and excited for the year ahead . Our Crèche environment is created to help our toddlers gain as much independence as they possibly can .  The shelves, tables and chairs are made to meet the needs of a toddler .  The colours inside the classroom are very calming, peaceful and encourage concentration and learning. The whole environment is child centered and allows the child to have freedom of movement, freedom of exploration and freedom to socialize with their peers.


Independent table work.


Social interaction while enjoying independent art.


Taking care of their classroom environment.


A favourite place to sing and laugh . 


A lovely one on one lesson working with a Montessori material. 


Freedom to choose their own work. 

Taking care of our plants .

Taking care of our plants .

Our young toddler observing the prepared environment.

Our young toddler observing the prepared environment.


Sensorial work with the Pink Tower and the Brown Stair.


Working on her fine motor skills .  

Concentrating while working on the button frame .  

Concentrating while working on the button frame .  

Peace Assembly

Our students began their school day with a lovely ‘Peace Assembly’ about kindness, led by Ms Richie and her little ones.  It was such a wonderful way to end our week and to remind us of the importance of being kind to each other and ourselves. The Crèche children joyfully sang their song, “I Can Change the World”.  The Casa children recited their “Pledge of Kindness”.  Ms. Caroline and myself were very lucky to have Casa student, Marley share his pledge with us in the office.  Our Elementary students shared their artwork based on the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and sang a beautiful song. Ms. Richie spoke to the students about our Peace Garden dedicated to Mrs Patricia Morgan.  We will be working as a Montessori community to make it beautiful again.  Each student and faculty member was given a ribbon that had words of peace inscribed on it.  Each person will tie their ribbon on to a lovely sea fan that will become a beautiful mobile of peace. This will eventually be hung in Mrs Morgan’s Peace Garden.