Astrophysics fun!

We began our history lessons this year, discussing the universe and its tumultuous beginning 13.8 billion years ago. The students were so interested in the topic that we continued to mix the subject areas of history and physics together to create our history studies for this term.
Here the students are learning about Astronomer Edwin Hubble and his work, specifically Hubble's Law. They learned about the expansion of the universe and how the further away the galaxy is frim us, the quicker it recedes. They then created their own model of the theory using balloons and marker pens and wrote their results on a table of velocity versus distance.


Maria Montessori said that the greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist”.

It truly is wonderful when you can step back to observe children working without the help of adults. Here you can see a snapshot of a typical work cycle in the Upper Elementary classroom. The students have chosen the subjects that they would like to work on, after being given presentations from the Montessori guide. They are working in different areas of the classroom, in pairs or independently, asking for help from each other as needed. Subjects and topics consist of Hubble’s Law and the epochs of the Big Bang in astrophysics, topic sentence and paragraph writing, comprehension on the study of Biomes, punctuation reviews, and operations of negative and positive integers with algebra substitution. 


Anegada Field Trip

Our overnight trip to Anegada was exceptional. We had such a great time exploring the island’s history and culture. We went on an island tour where we got to see the flamingos from a lookout. We also saw the Iguana facility which takes care of juvenile iguanas until they are released. The Fisherman’s Wharf was a favorite. We got to chat with local fishermen and see the conch shell mounds in the distance. After touring, we enjoyed a delicious meal and some swimming at Anegada Beach Club. We were fortunate to have Mr. Randel Smith, who had been working at the National Parks trust for almost 30 years, come and sit with us before dinner for a very informative and interesting discussion about Anegada, especially the flamingos and iguanas. After dinner we enjoyed a movie night before heading to bed. The children were early risers on Friday morning. They made pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast then transitioned to morning meditation and a long walk on the beach. After lunch we enjoyed a scavenger hunt and more swimming before heading back to Tortola. I was so very proud of the children’s eagerness to learn as well as their grace and courtesy. Many shared how impressed they were by their interactions with the children. Thank you parents for helping to make this trip such a huge success!