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Nestled in the hills above Road Town lies the British Virgin Islands' Century House Montessori School. Gentle ocean breezes, horses grazing in adjacent pastures, and spectacular views of the channel and neighboring islands all combine to give our school a unique and special charm.



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Century House Montessori School, BVI is a haven for the lucky children who are privileged to attend. The surroundings are glorious, the buildings and materials are beautiful and the teachers are dedicated and truly care about each and every child.
— Mrs. Jane Unwin
“Our three children have all attended Century House Montessori School and have been enriched by the beautiful environment, caring attitudes of the staff and the learning skills developed through the Montessori system. There are numerous advantages to a Montessori education but fundamentally, Century House has provided a happy, welcoming home where the children are engaged, questioning and analysing the world around them while developing a genuine love for learning. The independence they show in everyday activities is a skill for life and is what sets the school and the education style apart from others.”
— Emma and James Hunt
“Although I’d heard nothing but good about the Montessori method - it sounded to me like kids there ‘do what they want to, when they want to’. On my first visit, I was astounded to find not mayhem and disorganisation but tranquility and diligence among both the students and staff. My wife and I enrolled our son with enthusiasm and, four years later, we have not regretted the decision.”
— Michael Domican